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Yellow onions

Yellow onions

keywords : Onions, yellow shallots, yellow onions, shallots
Model : 5.0cm or above
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Product Descriprion

Onions are mild in nature, and taste spicy and sweet. They are expectorant, diuretic, stomachic, intestines moistening, detoxicating, and insecticidal. Onion extract also is bactericidal, able to improve the tension of the gastrointestinal tract and increase the secretion of digestive tract.

Brand: Wanlixing   Trademark: Three Stars Peacock Packaged in 25kg-20kg  customizable according to the requirements of customers  Storage methods: Stored in cool, dry places, avoid sun exposure    Effects: The anti-cancer effect of onions comes from their rich concentration of selenium and quercetin.  As an antioxidant, selenium can stimulate the body's immune response and thus inhibit the division and growth of cancer cells, in addition, it also can reduce the toxicity of carcinogens. Quercetin can inhibit the activity and prevent the growth of cancer cells. A survey

Category Agricultural products
Supply ability /month 1500 tons
MOQ 1 ton
Stocking period 1 week
payment method Prepaid
place of origin China

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