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Industry development orientation:


Garlic initial and deep processing:

Products after initial and deep processing of garlics such as garlic powder, crushed garlic and so on are used to make seasoning and feed supplements. Garlic food incorporates black garlic series products, garlic vinegar and garlic crisp, etc; garlic healthcare products cover garlic capsule, garlic oil and garlic enteric coatel tablets; and garlic medical products cover alliin, garlic injection and allicin, etc.

Pepper products:

Initial processing products of peppers incorporate pepper circle, quick-frozen pepper, pepper powder and pepper sauce, etc; deep-processing products of peppers cover capsicine, pepper extract and paprika red pigment, etc.

Roast leisure food:

It mainly develops tourism food, leisure food, snack food and roast food featuring low sugar, low fat, mildness and balanced nutrition.