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Industrial Park Profile

Introduction to the Industrial Park

[Jining Chemical Industry Development Zone] Founded in May, 2009 with a planned area of 60 square kilometers, Jining Chemical Industry Development Zone is a comprehensive leading park for developing high-end chemical industry in Jining. It mainly develops four major industries as coal chemical industry, fine chemical engineering, chemical new material and biochemical industry. Road network, pipe network, pipe rack, artificial wetland, flood-prevention and stagnant water drainage projects, natural gas project, water supply factory, sewage disposal factory and thermal power plant in the Zone has been running and running. It has introduced 23 domestic and overseas famed companies including China Chemical Industry, CBIO, black cat carbon black, Shandogn Ruyi and Yingde Gas. For now, the Zone has 7 listed companies, 11 new and high-tech companies and 9 companies started by doctors. In 2013, it was rated as one of the country’s eight paragon parks by Sinopec Joint Association. In 2014, 2015 and 2016, it won ‘Top 20 Chemical Industrial Parks in China’ for three years on end. It is ‘a new-typed coal-based chemical (Jining) industrial base in China’, ‘new industrialization industry model base in Shandong’ and ‘model base for oceanic industrial linkage development in Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Region’.

Industry development orientations:

Coal chemical industry: it primarily introduces comprehensive use projects of MTO, MTG and coal gasification.

Fine chemical engineering: It primarily introduces electronic chemicals, paper-making chemical surface active agents, water disposal agents, high-performance environmental auxiliaries and water solubility cementing compound, etc.

Chemical new materials: it mainly introduces engineering plastics, membrane material, medical polymer material, special fiber, compound material, synthetic rubber, functional resin and so on.

Biochemical industry: it mainly introduces methionine, lysine, arginine and feed enzyme preparations, etc.

[Jinxiang County Economic Development Zone] Founded in 2002, Shandong Jinxiang County Economic Development Zone was approved as a provincial development zone in 2006. Since its establishment, the Development Zone has been gradually completing its supporting infrastructure and propelling development in the park. The 66 square-meter region has covered ‘nine horizontal and five vertical’ road networks with total length of roads covering 56 kilometers. It has realized ‘nine installations and one flatness’ covering water supply, gas supply, heat supply, water drainage, power, communication, wired cable, broadband and road, etc. By aiming at creation of ‘a national economic and technologic development zone’ and putting creation of a clustered, professional and featured park as the concept, Jinxiang County Economic Development Zone innovatively puts into force ‘park in the district’ management model, successively establishes power transmission and distribution industrial park, light industry park and high-tech industry park, and rapidly ushers in the big frame of competitive and mixed development in park. The Zone has been successfully listed in test zone integrating IT application with industrialization in Jining and Jining Innovation-driven Parks. It is approved as a provincial ecological industrial park and is honored as the title as the first power transmission and distribution industrial park in China, which opens the new era for clustered featured industries and enhanced economic strength and lays solid foundation for creating a state-level economic and technological development zone and forging a provincial-level ecological industry model area.

The Zone covers over 200 industrial companies including 39 scaled and above industrial companies. It has formed a power transmission and transformation industrial cluster represented by JMC, Lute Electrical and Jinren Electrical; an assembly manufacturing industrial cluster with Edward and Qiangli Machinery as the representative; a new energy industrial cluster represented by EM Electrocar and Jinke Electrocar; and a high-tech industrial cluster represented by Luchen New Material and Tylenol Hydraulic Pressure. EM New Energy Electrocar inaugurates the establishment of Shandong CSG EM Electrocar Institute, sets up CSG EM Academician Workstation and initiates cloud smart sharing project construction; Lute Electrical and Zhong Shou Hua Ao Group have set up a cooperative relationship that develops towards production of high-end smart transformer and EHV transformer; Edward Machinery and Shanghai Longking Group have reached initial cooperation intention to gradually realize transformation and upgrading from singular component production to manufacturing industry of set kits. The Zone shows an evident improvement of economic strength and comprehensive competitiveness.

[Jining Foodstuff Industry Development Zone] Founded in May, 2009, Jining Foodstuff Industry Development Zone plans to cover a total area of 43 square kilometers. Its initial zone is planned to cover 11 square kilometers. It is the sole foodstuff zone in Jining and the largest-scaled professional foodstuff industrial zone in China by far. The Foodstuff Zone has paved ‘six horizontal and seven vertical’ road networks, accomplished green projects covering 450,000 square meters, covered storm sewage pipe network totaling 70 kilometers and a natural gas pipe network totaling 10 kilometers. The park has established a 110-KV transformer substation that is high in power supply reliability and can ensure power usage demands of industrial companies. The sewage disposal factory that can disposes with 10,000 tons of sewage has been put into operation and the infrastructure utilities have realized ‘nine installations and one flatness’. It will introduce over 40 domestic and overseas famous companies covering Chinatex, BJCAG, ADYK, Lenochen in Singapore and Suzhou DXC Food, etc.

[Jinxiang County Southwest Shandong Commerce Logistics Area] By rooting in its regional advantages, industrial advantages and resource advantages, Jinxiang County puts booming of commerce logistic industry as an important breakthrough and hand grab for ‘quickening development and edging ahead’ and has entrenched the strategic objective of ‘building a big logistics county’ and ‘forging a new height for commerce logistics in Shandong, Jiangsu, Hubei and Anhui’. The Area is planned to cover a total area of 21,000 mu. By depending on the agricultural resource advantages as ‘hometown of garlic’, ‘hometown of onion’ and ‘hometown of pepper’, the area has been gradually extending its agricultural industrial chains, completing agricultural circulation systems and boosting classes of agricultural industry in an effort to forge a garlic spot transaction center with Jinxiang Garlic International Trading Market as the core, logistics center for garlic storage, processing, trading and containers dominated by International Garlic Mall, public service platform represented by Garlic spot transaction platform and distributing center featuring ‘transport of vegetation from South to the North and dispatching of vegetables from North to South’ in China, which further consolidate the frontrunner position of Jinxiang Garlic in China. In 2013, Jinxiang County Southwest Shandong Commerce Logistics Area was rated a ‘provincial logistics park’. Companies settled in the Area include Jinxing Mall, Jinyu Building Mateiral and Home Furnishing Logistics Park, Southwest Shandong Shenke Auto City, Jinxiang Garlic International Trade Market, Gaisheng Agricultural Goods International Logistics Park, China Garlic Capital International Cold Chain Logistics Park, Jinxiang Southwest Shandong Steel Market, Jinxiang Urban Warehousing Logistics Distribution Center, Shunda Logistics Park, Red Star Macalline Commerce Synthesis, Red Star International Trade Square, Jin Long Wan Culture Business Area and so on that draw a total investment of 10 billion Yuan. It has accomplished an investment of 7 billion Yuan and its operating companies fare an annual sales volume of 12 billion yuan, realize a profit tax of 0.3 billion Yuan and drive forth employment of 50,000 people. It has realized sound economic and social benefits. In its follow-up schedule, the Area will resolve upon Urban High-end Commerce Synthesis Project, modern warehousing and logistics distribution project, flower and nursery stock expo project third-party large-scaled professional logistics project and e-business industry parks to attract investment, further pace up construction of the commerce logistics area and guide and propel leap-frog economic development in the county.

E-business Development Profile

In the late years, Jinxiang county Party committee and Jinxiang county government has been paying high attention on e-business advancement. Since last year (2015), it has been appropriating 5 million Yuan as special fund to be used in key cultivation and support of e-business companies, parks and platforms. After around two years of development, e-business industry in Jinxiang has initially formed the development pattern ‘propelled by the government, dominated by companies, participated by the society and driven by public entrepreneurship.’ It focuses on forging of a county-level training base for e-business talents, clustering area for e-business companies of agricultural products in the garlic capital and large-scaled farmland logistics distributing place. It has taken the new development path for e-business characterized by ‘procuring from and selling to the whole country’ featuring Jinxiang characteristics. By far, it has introduced over 20 famed e-business companies and platforms including Alibaba rural Taobao, one touch, JD, Yunshang, Shaanxi Lecuntao, Shandong Ydiner, China Garlic Transaction Network and so on, developed over 1700 e-business companies (on-line stores) of various styles and opened 35 logistics and express companies; it has newly built an electronic business public service center, 13 e-business service stations and 385 e-business service spots; 80% of scaled companies and commerce logistics companies implement e-business via a third-party platform; provincially certified e-business companies tally 17; in 2015, the county accomplished a trading volume of e-business totaling 3 billion Yuan, up by 50% yoy; and it has accomplished a network sales volume of 1.05 billion Yuan, taking 10.25% of the retail social commodities total sum.

Profile of e-business industrial park

The county has several e-business industrial parks including Smart Industry Park, Garlic Capital Agricultural Logistics Park, Yijiu Technology Tower and Digital Town, etc. Smart Industry Park accommodates 106 e-business companies including Beijing Nongxianda, wantshop and Jiameiju smart homeland; Garlic Capital Agricultural Logistics Park has been coopering with China Wangku to focus on forging of on-line and off-line modernized operation model for transaction of agricultural goods such as garlics. It has 90 logistics clients and over 200 garlic clients; Yijiu Technology Tower has 87 e-business companies and the Digital Town has clustered over 60 exclusive shops for digital products. It has on-line and off-line sales of five business types on computer, digital, phone, video game and auxiliary. The main-body project has been accomplished and supporting infrastructure utilities are under construction.

Platform cultivation and introduction

Targeting at rural e-merchants, it has introduced ‘Le Cun Tao’ e-business platform, ‘Mai Mai Hui’ e-business platform under mail system, JD e-business platform under the supply and marketing system; to forge cross-boundary e-business advantages, it joins hands with Wang Lai Yun Shang and dedicates itself to servicing foreign trade companies in our county. It is extending its overseas market, constructing a transboundary e-business overseas special zone, incubation base and service center to spur innovative development of foreign trade economy in our county.

Atmosphere forging and talents cultivation

To further display the promotion and guidance role of broadcasting, newspaper, television station, governmental portal and WeChat account, it has been vigorously promoting development of relevant policies to develop e-business, displaying the role of industrial associations as a bridge to connect government with companies, holding seminars, symposiums, e-business lectures and other activities of varied forms and forging a sound atmosphere that the government, companies and all walks of the society co-participate in promotion of e-business development. Over 2000 members have received training on e-business and standard of e-business participators remarkably improved. In 2016, it intends to train over 3000 application technical talents on e-business and add more than 1200 relevant staffs on the list. To forge an engine of ‘dual innovation’, it has cultivated and expanded the main body of e-business companies, vigorously cultivated and introduced professional e-business talents and third-party service providers and provided professional services on consultancy, technology and marketing to e-business advancement.